SHOW-Share your ANBU Brotherhood Photos

The ANBU Brotherhood spreads far and wide.  After getting your mask, submit photos to  expand our footprint.  below are some photogenic shinobi. 

Mask Centric Shots

Lewsano- at John Lewis Mural in Downtown ATL

Atlanta Ga, USA

This is me representing where I live, Atlanta Ga. at the John Lewis Mural Downtown.  "Lewsano" I call this Jutsu, very strong.

Hawaii,  USA

Daju, a dj in Hawaii, took a great pic, mask centric and either a blurred out or dark background.  Perfect shot Daju, 
Mask centric photos are going to be the easiest to take.  The mask tends to do all the work, you must only have a clean background and a camera.  #anbubrotherhood

Group Shots

Washington State USA

Use your surroundings and frame your shot well.  You don't want the back end of a car unnecessarily in your photo.  A northwestern pair of music creators uses their mask set in a shoot to promote their release.

Colorado, USA

Above in mask is @kryptonian.zaya on instagram.  He is an amazing parkour/freerunner and one of my personal favorites to watch.  He provided this epic shot, professionally done.  Much love Senpai

United Kingdom

The Lads gather in the UK for their local con.  Great group shot, blurry indistinct background, focused on the group, no extra stuff in the shot.  Thanks guys.

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