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A Guide to Building Your Customized ANBU Mask

Which Face is Yours?  The ANBU Brotherhood of Masks is first and foremost, a  global community of people joined by their ANBU persona.  To that end, the mask should be as unique as the shinobi who wears it.  Use this page to get familiar with the different "Brotherhood Mask Frames" and forge your own ANBU mask design for the ages.  FACELESS The Faceless mask frame is the most basic and affordable custom option.  Featureless in its shape, this frame offers the most usable canvas for your design.  36' long black cotton head straps are built into this and every ANBU Brotherhood mask.  Also standard with every mask are chin/forehead rests, liquid rubber inner finish and polyurethane outer finish  Click the...

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Zuko's Blue Spirit Mask

The ANBU Brotherhood has a variety of members around the world who enjoy a wide range of anime, manga and cosplays.  Its would seem inevitable that one of our members would want a cosplay mask unlike any ANBU design currently available. well that time is now. [caption id="attachment_599" align="alignleft" width="231"] Fanart concept of the Blue Spirit mask with 3rd eye[/caption] Enter The Blue Spirit.  Avatar (The last Airbender) fans will immediately recognize the instrument of Prince Zuko's redemption.  The Blue Spirit mask. This is an interesting request as I have in an ongoing personal battle against one of my best friends to proclaim the best anime of our current era.  My pick is Naruto (of course) and his is Avatar...

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Han'nya Mask for V for Lord V

2015 has been a ground breaking year for the ANBU Brotherhood so far; new design upgrades, the release of the ANBU Connect smartphone app and bold new custom designs.  The commission of this Han'nya mask is one of those bold new custom designs.  I was approached online at the beginning of the year by a prospective buyer Omar A. who was curious about the extent of my mask making skills, could I make something as intricate as this mask right here Han'nya is a Japanese Noh character.  A female whose face was once beautiful and fair like most Noh masks but through jealousy and scorn, has transformed into the demon like face you see before you.  You might have seen...

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