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Ich Bin Ein ANBU Bruder (I am an ANBU brother)

 Ich Bin Ein ANBU Bruder (I am an ANBU brother) Since 2012 I have made over 600 ANBU masks and sent them all over the world.  The very first international sale went to Germany.  I was experimenting with the first "Wolf Frame" and took my inspiration from the Game of Thrones book series.  I was a novice mask maker back then just trying to make a mask to go to the con.  I loved the way this masked turned out and was proud to send it off across the water.  What I didn't know was that the clay I chose to use for those first generation masks, shrank to the point of cracking over an extended period of time.  My...

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ANBU Brotherhood's UV Chakral Elements

The Natural Curse Seal.  An ANBU Brotherhood Original Jutsu. The natural curse seal is an experimental jutsu derived from Danzo's research.  The infused chakra, iti is said, amplifies the chakra of thee wearer and must only be used by those shinobi with good intentions. Marked for life.  Natural curse seals are mask design elements that cannot scratch or wear off.  The jutsu used to seal your mask is irreversible and will forever be infused into your mask.  Likewise the UV reactive properties of your mask will also be forever sealed into the mask. Use the mask builder to choose your level of customization   As a result of the great chakra needed to seal the mask, once the Jutsu is  used,...

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Han'nya Mask for V for Lord V

2015 has been a ground breaking year for the ANBU Brotherhood so far; new design upgrades, the release of the ANBU Connect smartphone app and bold new custom designs.  The commission of this Han'nya mask is one of those bold new custom designs.  I was approached online at the beginning of the year by a prospective buyer Omar A. who was curious about the extent of my mask making skills, could I make something as intricate as this mask right here Han'nya is a Japanese Noh character.  A female whose face was once beautiful and fair like most Noh masks but through jealousy and scorn, has transformed into the demon like face you see before you.  You might have seen...

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