ANBU Brotherhood's UV Chakral Elements

The Natural Curse Seal.  An ANBU Brotherhood Original Jutsu.

The natural curse seal is an experimental jutsu derived from Danzo's research.  The infused chakra, iti is said, amplifies the chakra of thee wearer and must only be used by those shinobi with good intentions.

Natural cursed Boar mask profile.  ANBU Brotherhood of Masks

Marked for life.  Natural curse seals are mask design elements that cannot scratch or wear off.  The jutsu used to seal your mask is irreversible and will forever be infused into your mask.  Likewise the UV reactive properties of your mask will also be forever sealed into the mask.

Use the mask builder to choose your level of customization

Natural cursed Boar Customized ANBU mask  As a result of the great chakra needed to seal the mask, once the Jutsu is  used, the visual results can vary.  When designing your mask, look for folders or individual elements marked "UV" and use them in your build.   Mix and match elements, grouping similar elements in the area of the mask you would like affected.  Be advised, the overlapping of some UV chakral elements consume or disrupt normal elements.  Build with this in mind.

 Combine the power of UV chakral elements with Command level colored ANBU masks to truly customize your mask build.



Natural curse seals are made from UV reflective hand kneaded clay

Unlock the full potential of your UV chakral build.  The natural curse seal feeds off the chakra emitted from black lights.  unlock the true power of the curse seal when in ultraviolet chakra rich environments.  Not to be confused with "glow in the dark", UV reacts to "blacklight" not any light and shines much brighter.




False and 3rd eyes.  An ANBU Brotherhood Forbidden Jutsu

Yes its true, I believe Danzo left us many gifts and tools to learn from, Jutsu to master and use for Good, to protect the village.  To that end, our Visual Prowess team has provided us with the jutsu to add false eyes and 3rd eyes, both UV chakral active.   Add these elements to your mask build in the IR IL eye folders as well as the FH Forehead folder of elements in the mask bilder.


ANBU Brotherhood Customized Faceless Mask.  Shaka ANBU Mask.  Third Eye  Rinnegan WizY0u inspired mask

 Implanted, not painted.  3rd eye and false eye elements are implanted elements, using separate material to add texture and depth to your end product.  Add them to your build as you would any other element in the mask builder and unlock the rich complexity of your customization. 

UV blacklight reactive clay used as design elements on ANBU Brotherhood masks

Build with purpose.  Choose false eye elements in the IL and IR eye centric folders of elements in the ANBU Brotherhood Mask builder.  Choose elements which compliment your chosen eye set.  The build shown above uses false eyes as well as black circles to hide the true eyes from view.  Some eye jutsu requires the subjects attention.  false eyes draw that attention while not actually locking eyes with your subject, safeguarding the caster from any genjitsu counter attack.

UV reactive clay reflects ultraviolet light, great for raves and parties

Dual Focus.  Use UV chakral elements to give your mask an alternate focus under blacklight conditions.  limit or expand your number of UV elements to add import or shock value to aspects of your build.

Shout out to WIzYOu

Show your face. The ANBU Brotherhood is a type of mask but its created with the spirit of community and diversity.  Each  mask comes with a QR code seal on the inner face, where members can upload their cosplay photos to the community.  Represent your village and make the brotherhood even stronger.

Obito Masked Man Faceless Anbu Mask UV Chakral Clay UV Chakral Clay Color.  Who needs batteries and neon lights in your mask?  We are Shinobi and our power comes from within,  Look for the option to have your mask infused completely with UV Chakral clay.  Ultraviolet environments will unlock a completely different shade of your masks color, often revealing internal chakral paths and channels.   Your peers will acknowledge you, your foes will recognize your strength.  Light up the post mission party or gain the strategic edge in the mission itself with your UV chakral mask.



UV Chakral lightning elements

UV Chakral lightning collage.  ANBU Brotherhood of Masks
Look for these UV lightning elements in the DOG Customizer.  Seen on this mask are all 5 UV lightning elements available in the BL Bottom Lef and BR Bottom Right folders.  The busy collage above shows a deliberative path etching during the final wet clay layer, and subsequent filling with the UV Chakral clay after drying.  You can see the original customer concept sketch in the top left corner as well as the ANBU Brotherhood Yellow Clay Custom K9 customizer blank and concept sketch, in the bottom right.  Left center, a flicker of the blacklight view vs. visible light view.  Center center, a swift detailed flyby of the BR full lightning configuration.  Top right, a UV light/ visible light flicker of the two types of clay used for this project.  UV Chakral lightning on left and Yellow on right.

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