Customizer User Guide

ANBU Brotherhood Customizer User Guide.

Master these simple tips and tricks to ensure the best design output and hassle free build experience.  A  PC with mouse would be ideal but a stylus on mobile would be pro level.  Beware of "fat fingers" but fingers will do just fine.

Eye Configuration

Eye Configuration will help you set the tone for your mask build.  Choose from a variety of eyes, swappable at any time without affecting your build.  You can even choose to have "no eye" and build a strictly ornamental or propl mask.

Add Elements

Add Elements is where all the good stuff is, ah but its also where you must pay close attention.  shown above we start with the BL Bottom Left element folder and look for the TORN FACE elements inside, in this case there is only 1. 

BL Bottom Left elements are a good place to start because elements on the left side of the mask show larger thumbnails vs the right side which must show the profile view as well. Starting here will give you a good representation of the item and placement on the mask as you look for similar elements in other folders. 

TORN FACE elements will be used for these examples to demonstrate the logic of the folders.  Above we have selected TORN FACE from the BL Bottom Left folder.  We like the look and it seems to continue on so we look in other folders for this element's mates.  Next we will explore BR Bottom Right, TL Top Left, TR Top Right, those for the eyes, mouth etc.  Explore all folders to get familiar with the available elements inside.

Menu Scrolling

Scrolling can be a bit challenging on mobile.  As shown above you can always drag the scroll bar but you can also use the white space between the "+" and "Folder Name".  The problem here is on mobile that white space is limited so use the scroll bar.  Remember a stylus would be pro level here.  Click on the "+" or "Folder Name" to expand and collapse menus.

Change Element Color

Change Element Color by clicking on the red bounding box of your element.  In the top left corner a color pallet icon will appear where you can choose from a variety of colors for that element.  Upon choosing a color, the element will change and another red bounding box will appear for further manipulation of that item.

Layer Down/Up and Delete 

Layer Down/Up and Delete buttons are active and useful tools.  In this example we add the TORN FACE element from the BR Bottom Right folder (only 1 in this folder).  When we add a new element it can and in this case does cover the previous element layer and prevents us from manipulating it.  

Layer down this new element below the previous one, to access it.  Click on the specific element you want to manipulate (now that it is on top) and in this case, delete it.

Delete will always prompt you with an ok screen, if you have kept track of which layer is on top, the correct layer will then disappear.


All TORN FACE elements have been used at this point.  They can be found in the BL Bottom Left, BR Bottom Right, TL Top Left, TR Top Right, IL Left Eye IR Right Eye and NM Nose/Mouth, folders.  Along with these elements, we use Stoic mouth from the NM Nose/Mouth folder and of course, the ears from the Ears folder.

Adding ears to your build

Adding ears to your build is easy.  You can find The Ears folder as well as the (+FEATURES) ???? CLAY folder to add ears, ear elements and to find matching color ears for the color clay you are using.  You must add the ears individually, two elements equals an ear set.  Remember to Layer up/Down as needed to keep your design below the ear.

 UVC Elements

Blacklight Please!

UVC elements are special UV reflective clay filled elements.  They reflect UV light and give off an entirely different feel in low light UV situations.  Feel free to use these element as they are equal in weight to all others during cost calculation.  Look for "UVC" in the name of the element or even a "UVC" labeled folder.  Remember to be mindful of your Layer up/down buttons when overlaying one element onto another.

 Upload Your Photo or Art

Upload your photo or art is really focused heavily on the art.  Photos don't translate well on concept sketches.  Use this feature to personalize your mask with that special something not already in the customizer.  PNG files are premium because you can place words and characters with transparent backgrounds.  White bg will do just fine, We will adapt as needed on this end. 

Continue with purchase button in the top right corner of the desktop view, far left on mobile, will create this mask in the store for purchase.  It will also make it available to be shown as an example design to other users.  By now you have the tools to make a spectacular and original design, you only need to choose how many stickers you want with the mask.  Chat soon Senpai and welcome to the Brotherhood.

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