E-Rank Mission (photo intel from around the village)

You are internet fan art now!

ANBU fan art usually depicts a casual everyday person sporting a cool ANBU mask on their head or otherwise on their person.  What makes images like this so cool is the unattainable ANBU MASK setting off the entire pic! Now that you have received your ANBU Brotherhood mask you are the fan art others admire so much!  

Your ongoing mission is to share mask related intel (photos) with your brothers and sisters in the community.  The easiest way to do this is to email your photos to abomconnect@gmail.com

Inspire new art

Your submitted photos may be posted on he ANBU brotherhood social media pages or used to inspire future page art like the piece above.  Shout out to NOUNSINSE who is the artist of the pieces on this page.  He was already making anbu mask inspired fanart, now we have an opportunity to give him real inspiration to work with.

Show off you mask.  Show off your character.  Show off the fact that you are now an ANBU member!  Send us your best shots senpai