Standard Features ROOT

(1) Elements and clear coat:  Design elements are either painted on or stamped into the face of the clay mask, the more elements, the more incremental the price change.  Your mask is also covered with a thick polyurethane coat to protect against scuffs and minor moisture environments.

(2) Finished layer of clay:  Your mask is finished with a thick layer of tough air dry clay, This layer can be various colors 

(3) Paper Mache skeleton:  Your mask is reinforced with a strong paper mache infrastructure that absorbs shock and adds structural integrity

(4) Base layer of clay:  This layer of clay provides a base structure of strength and serves to sandwich the inner shell of the mask

(5) Liquid rubber layer:  Each and every mask is coated with a liquid rubber layer.  This layer keeps facial perspiration from damaging you mask over time and provides a clean finished look.

(6) 36" long jersey cotton straps:  every mask comes standard with long flowing black cotton straps built into the mask.  These straps stretch and can be tied tight to fit.

(7) Chin and forehead cushions:  each mask frame has its unique contours and is fitted with its own unique cushion configuration.  These cushions harden over time, locking the wearers features as it hardens.