Armored Wolf

Armored Wolf

$ 163.00

The Armored Wolf 


Build Time and Shipping:

Your ANBU Brotherhood mask is handmade and does take considerable time to finish.  See Whats in stock now.  Build time expectations for a mask made to order are 4-6 weeks.    If your mask includes colored clay, closer to 6 weeks.  Free 3 day priority shipping for all orders inside the US Free Worldwide shipping  for all orders over $125 USD


 Customized ANBU Brotherhood Wolf Mask

Use The mask customizer to create your own unique Wolf mask.


This wolf design was commissioned by a fellow shinobi and made available to share with the greater ANBU community.  The black design is done in a black liquid rubber to provide a faux armored texture,  A battle scared sword strike is etched through the left eye