Hidden mist nin ANBU mask
Hidden mist nin ANBU mask

Hidden mist nin ANBU mask

$ 109.00

ANBU Brotherhood masks have been handmade since 2012.  The Faceless ANBU mask shape is the most popular ANBU Brotherhood mask frame.  Built from a reinforced clay composite process, your mask will be hand craftsmanship over laser precision.

The Faceless ANBU Mask frame  is the ANBU Brotherhood customizable base that countless masks can be designed on.  The Haku design uses a specific “eye set” and 3 specific design “elements”.  Two elements are hand painted on the mask and the third is an embedded stamp depicting the village on the forehead.  The clay finish allows for great variation in customization like battle damage and custom base mask colors.

The mask maker Travels from village to village, collecting raw materials and new Jutsu throughout the land.  Sought after for his craftsmanship over the years, shinobi dawning his masks form a collective, a brotherhood.

The worldwide village.  ANBU Brotherhood shinobi are spread across the world, each one representing his/her village proudly.  Know that when you receive your mask and join our ranks, an ANBU brother or sister is probably not far from you.

Each and every mask is a one of a kind piece of wearable artwork.  Designs are not stenciled onto the mask but hand drawn and painted.  Village symbols are stamped into the clay for that extra real look and feel.  Reference markers are used to replicate a design but each design is essentially drawn anew each time. The Haku elements have a fluid relationship to one another, anchored by the mask center line.  Geometric references like this, allow for easy adaptation for any combination of design elements on your mask.
In stock masks ship in under 2 weeks from purchase.  Typical build time for a mask is easily 4 weeks, accounting for time sensitive build processes.  Shipping, once built, will take only days within the US and various additional time for international destinations.  The Haku configuration is often in stock and ready to ship due to its popularity.
Not just a pretty face.   Your mask’s base layer has been treated with a time pass jutsu, hardening it.  Hidden by the finished layer, this critical infrastructure will protect your mask integrity and help you maintain your mask for years to come.

Protected inside and out.  ANBU masks are not meant to be indestructible but the ANBU Brotherhood process of reinforcement adds substantial strength to an already respectably strong air dry clay finish.

Liquid rubber protective finish drastically reduces exposure of your masks clay base, to the elements and moisture from wear.  Each finished ANBU Brotherhood mask will be sprayed in this manner.  A brilliant white finish or deep matte black, whichever color best compliments the outer design.  Black clay masks will generally have a black rubberized layer here but whit masks with substantial amounts of black elements on its edge, might also get a black rubber inner coat.

Flowing natural head ties are integrated into the structure of the mask.  Intended to mimic the flowing tails of a village headband, these long fabric straps have been a staple of ANBU Brotherhood masks.  Black straps emphasize the mask more in photos and dark environments.  DJ Daju in Hawaii knows this all too well.

You are ANBU now!  Show it off.  Your mask identifies you as an ANBU Brotherhood member even without the rest of your uniform.  #anbubrotherhood when you post and connect yourself over time and space, to your senpai.  Show the internet how you represent your village 

You are the fanart now! The pictures you and your senpai create with your masks will inspire artists and cosplayers years from now.  With a little effort and creativity, you won’t need much more than the mask and a nice setting to deliver some really memorable shots.  Grab you ANBU Brotherhood mask #anbubrotherhood when you post!

High quality weather proof vinyl stickers can be made from your concept sketch so you can start tagging your stuff and otherwise rep #anbubrotherhood.  Because the concept sketch is the blueprint for the finished mask, the stickers provide that tangible gateway between the fanart and the reality.  Choose one of the sticker packages and also get a matching number of #anbubrotherhood stickers to pass around or pair with your mask stickers.  Always show off your mask with stickers of your concept sketch with your mask.

Stickers reflect battle damage, mask shape, color scheme and design.  The perfect 2d representation and essentially, the blueprint of your new alternative face.